Peter Tork and the New Monks JAPAN LIVE!(1981)

Peter Tork and the New Monks held the concerts in Japan in August, 1981.
I saw the concert with my friends (fans of Peter).

On that day, we were waiting for the concert to start at the hall. Our seats were relatively close to the stage. My heart was throbbing with excitement.

And the concert started!

The spotlight shone in the center of the dark stage.
Peter Tork with his banjo appeared in the spotlight!

It was my first time watching "REAL Peter Tork" playing the banjo live. Not on TV. I was very excited.

I think he wore this yellow clothes. When I watched this clothes in this concert, I thought "The stars on the shoulder are so cute!". I remember that.

Peter played the music of instrumental on the banjo absorbedly. He was so hot! He played the banjo very cool. His blond hair was so beautiful. He was youthful. Peter was very passionate.
I kept screaming "Peter! Peter! " All audience kept screaming.

Peter played the banjo violently on the end of the first song, and he began to play the 2nd song "Crippie Creek" without a moment's pause!
That was awesome moment! The sequence was brilliant. I got goose bumps all over before I knew it. I was so moved.

I watched Peter singing "Crippie Creek" on TV before.(It was a "Monkees on Tour" episode of The Monkees TV show.)
And he was singing "Crippie Creek" on banjo, under my eyes. It was a miracle!

It was my first time listening to his singing voice. Not on TV. His real voice.
His singing voice was wonderful. The play of his banjo and keyboard was amazing. Songs that Peter made were awesome. I was so excited. And I danced like crazy! :D

front cover of this concert program


 1.(title unknown: banjo instrumental)
 2.Crippie Creek
 3.Higher And Higher
 4.Last Train to Clarksville
 5.A Little Bit Me,A Little Bit You
 6.Daydream Believer
 7.Pleasant Valley Sunday
 9.Hi Hi Babe
10.Shades Of Gray
12.Tender Is
13.Your Auntie Grizelda
14.I'm A Believer
15.(I'm Not Your)Steppin' Stone

During the interlude of "Higher And Higher", Peter sometimes stuck out the tip of the neck of the banjo toward the audience. I was swept away by his wonderful banjo playing.

When Peter sang "Lucille", he danced in a frenzy. Peter was preternaturally sexy and wild!
 His "Lucille" was too sexy.XD  His sexy "Lucille" at this time will be recorded in history.

And the all audience sang "Daydream Believer" in chorus. And I heared "Your Auntie Grizelda " live. Not on TV. I was very glad.

The Monkees songs had rock'n'roll arrangement. Peter sang The Monkees songs, and I felt fresh those songs. Peter's songs except Monkees were splendid, too.

His sweet smile melted my heart. Peter jumped intensely many times. Peter swung a microphone. He was so hot! Peter Tork and the New Monks had a lot of chemistry.

This concert was full of rock'n'roll. It was very enthusiastic.
I think he loved rock'n'roll in those days. In those days, on Japanese TV program, Peter was asked, "What kind of music would you like to do?", and he answered "rock'n'roll! " .

Time passes so quickly. When Peter sang the last song "(I'm Not Your)Steppin' Stone" , all audience were delirious!

At the end of the concert, Peter Tork and the New Monks and an audience did a three-three-seven hand clap. A three-three-seven hand clap is Japanese hand clap.
The Japanese sometimes does it at the end of event. A three-three-seven hand clap expresses joy and a sense of unity.
At that time, Peter led the audience to do a three-three-seven hand clap. Why did Peter know Japanese three-three-seven hand clap? Peter is great.

From the beginning to the end, this concert was absolutely amazing! I love this concert of Peter Tork and the New Monks! This concert is the best in my life.
(And now, I wanna go to Peter Tork & Shoe Suede Blues's concert !)

At that time I was influenced by Peter Tork, I  bought a banjo. I was a student.
I accumulated pocket money. I bought the cheapest banjo.

I wanted to be able to play banjo like Mr.Peter Tork. I wanted to play "Crippie Creek" and "Higher And Higher" on a banjo.
But it was very difficult for me to play a banjo. I couldn't even tuning. I gave up playing the banjo in a few days. I should have worked harder...
I have put the banjo on my parents' home. Oh, I want to apologize to my banjo.

I got this record At that time! " Higher And Higher " "(I'm Not Your)Steppin' Stone"

BTW, Is the Peter's clothes of this monochrome photo the same as that yellow clothes which he wore in the concert? Both clothes have stars on a shoulder.
If that's the case, it means that he had had the yellow clothes for more than ten years.
Sorry, I made a mistake. "more than ten years" is wrong.
Probably "about five years" is right. I'm very sorry.

He takes good care of his clothes.:)

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I went to the concert of Davy Jones in 1981. And I went to the concert of Micky Dolenz in 1982.

Davy Jones:
I went to the concert of Davy Jones in Japan in spring of 1981. I was very excited. Davy ran about on a stage, and he sang emotionally. I was so moved.
Davy sang  "I want to be free", and I thought that I wanted him to sing "I wanna be free". :)

Micky Dolenz:
I went to the concert of Micky Dolenz in Japan in 1982. I think Mickey's clothes were black. His funky singing voice was splendid as ever.
Mickey greeted in Japanese language, looking at a memo. He said "nihon no minasan konnichiwa! boku wa Micky Dolenz desu! ". It means "Hello, Japanese fan! I'm Micky Dolenz! ". I thought "Mickey is a nice guy! "

I didn't go only Mike's concert. Only Mike Nesmith hasn't held a solo concert in Japan.
I want to meet Michael Nesmith...


I got Peter's autograph,and handshake!(1981)

 In 1981,Peter Tork and the New Monks held the concerts in Japan.
At that time,I got Peter's autograph,and shook hands with him!

I explain that in detail.

Me and my friends(fans of Peter) went to a certain hotel.Peter Tork was staying at the hotel.
I dressed up in my own way.But when I look back now,it was not so cool.

We waited for Peter with pounding hearts,in the lobby of the hotel.

After a while, Peter Tork appeared !!
Peter walked toward the reception desk!

We were excited,but we couldn't move.Because we were strained.
Peter finished talking with the receptionist.

Peter walked several steps,and he stopped suddenly.
And Peter looked at us !!
Peter has walked toward us with a smile !!!!!

It was a Miracle! Peter came to our near!
Peter was very near us!!
His blond hair was so beautiful.....

Peter talked with a smile.
We said "I'm a big fan of yours!","I love The Monkees!","I love you!"
Although we were poor at English.

And Peter said "Do you want my autograph?"
We said "Yes!!!!"

I handed him a picture.
The picture was the same as this picture.(I like this!)

Peter looked the picture,and he said "Oh,I know this picture!"

Peter asked me, "What's your name?"
I told him my name.
And Peter said the spelling of my name very smoothly!

Of course, my name is Japanese language.Why could Peter say the spelling very smoothly?
anyway,I was very glad.

And I shook hands with Peter!!!
His hand was very warm..... XD
(about the Peter autograph picture.I have put it on my parents' home.
Therefore, I can't put it on this blog.Sorry.)

Peter was very kind. He was wonderful.
And now,he is very kind and wonderful.

This is my precious memory.

And now,I wanna meet Peter Tork !!!!!!
And I wanna go to his live!!!!!

Thank you for reading.Please come again.

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Peter Tork in Japanese TV show!1981

Look! Many Peter's photos,
About Peter Tork in Japanese TV program, in 1981!
In 1981,Peter Tork and New Monks held the concerts in Japan.
And  They appeared on the Japanese TV program. 

                                       ↑  Peter threw a kiss to girls!!

 The color of his socks are different! black and white.

Peter attached sushi to his nose!

Peter ate sushi,and he said "I LOVE THIS!"

 Peter Tork sang "Shades Of Gray",at  the concert hall.(Tokyo,Japan)

Peter Tork,Peter Tork and the New Monks,The Monkees

I'm crazy about Peter Tork! Monkees!

I'm crazy about Peter Tork! and The Monkees!
In 1981, I went to the concert of Peter & New Monks,in Japan!
And,I got Peter's autograph,and handshake!
I was watching "The Monkees TV show"series,in the 1980s.
I love Peter's music.
I love his smile.
I love his beautiful blond hair.
I love his wonderful vocal.I love his banjo,bass guitar,piano,guitar,and french horn.
And now, I wanna go to Peter Tork & Shoe Suede Blues's concert !!
But,The United States is far for me...

By the way,Davy Jones died at the end of February.
I was shocked very much.
(I'm a Japanese woman. Sorry,I'm not good at English.  I live in Japan.)  

Hey,hey,I'm a big fan of Peter Tork! Shoe Suede Blues! Monkees!